Whiskey Smash

Today was one of those days when I ask myself who I am and what I’m doing with my life.

You know, just your average Wednesday.

After a bout of existential angst that started when I was 18, and ended when I was about, oh, 28… I was kind of hoping for smooth sailing in my 30s. No such luck. Stupid dynamic identity.

By the way, after trying a series of blogs focused on specific topics – creative culture, wellness in NYC – I’ve once again hit a wall of Uninspired, so I’m allowing myself to blog about whatever the hell I want (I am woman, hear me roar). Topics here are likely to include: Cosmo the dog. Jordan the husband. Improv. Writing. Yoga. Brooklyn. Being a vegetarian. Food, food and more food. Meditation. How to make a living doing what you love. Journalism. Public media. Travel. The meaning of life.

…and whatever else crosses the transom – “the transom” being “my brain.”

Oh, and tonight, I drank a whiskey smash – no, wait, after doing a little Google research, turns out that was a Maple Leaf. But I’m still calling this post Whiskey Smash, because it sounds better.

Photo by Flickr user me_maya

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