Bad Yogi

Here’s a story I recorded just now called “Bad Yogi” – thanks to Jordan, my producer/audio engineer:

You can also download the mp3.

I’ve never done a storytelling event like The Moth, but I’d like to, and I wrote and recorded this to give myself practice… and to get feedback. Does the arc of the story work for you? Does it hold your attention? How about my delivery – is there enough emotion? Let me know using the comments feature, or by sending me an email.

Namaste 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bad Yogi

  1. Great arch … engaging story.Early on, your pace and cadence is a little over done. Sounds a little like a First Lady reading a practiced script to a high school graduation. But the you settle into a more natural delivery with just the right pauses for recorded spoken word. Great job all around!


  2. Jeremy, thank you so much! Yeah, I felt like I kept slipping into this newscaster-style voice (or First Lady, as you say)… I need to work on being more natural throughout. Voice acting is a whole different ballgame! Glad you thought the pacing was good. Thanks again, this is really helpful.


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