Playing Dress Up

This is me on Halloween, dressed as a 1980’s fairy princess in an enormous white tutu that I got at a thrift store on 1st Avenue; legwarmers from a sock shop in Grand Central; and an “Eco-Flashdance” (yes, that’s what the tag says) purple sweatshirt from Sustainable NYC. I had so much fun romping about New York with Jordan and my friend Kate, staging photos like these (all photos are by Kate):

Death takes the subway

Fairy nap in Washington Square ParkAs a little girl, I loved to play dress up, and this Halloween, I recaptured that feeling, playing a character with the city as my set. Sure, we all perform to a certain extent in our everyday lives, but Halloween gives us permission to do it BIG, and New York is a place where BIG feels even BIGGER. On Halloween night, Jordan and I marched in the official parade, and in a way, it was like a bonding experience with the city of New York: everyone was in such good spirits, and our collective originality was on display. Halloween may have been my best New York experience yet.


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