This Dog Was Shivering

I was walking home on Atlantic Avenue and passed Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches, where a beautiful dog was tied up out front. I took a closer look and realized the dog was shivering.

This dog was staring at the door, literally shaking in the cold I immediately went inside Nicky’s — a small place, with only five or so tables — and asked whose dog was out front.

“She’s mine,” said a guy eating lunch.

“She’s shivering,” I said.

“Yeah, well, it’s cold,” was his only reply.

Yeah, well, you’re an ASSHOLE.

Back outside, I pet her a little, and told her she was a good girl, and reluctantly left. What else could I have done?

My heart still hurts.

Please, don’t leave your dog tied up outside while you dine, or drink, or shop. Do you really think that’s a great environment for your pup, on the edge of a city sidewalk, unattended, with people and other dogs constantly moving past? Do you really think that makes your dog feel safe and secure? (Not to mention, is that really respectful of all the people who walk by, some of whom might be afraid of dogs? Are you sure your dog won’t jump?) I know of people stealing dogs in these situations. Does the risk of your dog being taken worry you at all?

And especially, ESPECIALLY, when it’s super hot, or super cold, for the love of God, leave your dog at home. Don’t leave him out there baking in the heat, or shaking from the cold…honestly, the fact that this needs saying is mind boggling.

The real message here, is this: If you don’t have the time, or the heart, to take care of a dog, then DON’T HAVE A DOG.

Sorry for the rant but this just riles me up.

P.S. While I’m ranting, I might as well go ahead and say: People, put your dog on a leash when you’re walking through the city. Really. I see people walking down major streets — Broadway, for God’s sake — with their dog untethered, and I just think, Why would you roll the dice in that way? Why would you gamble with your dog’s life? Maybe you think your dog “prefers” to be off-leash, but you know what? I bet your dog also prefers NOT TO DIE.



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