Down Mexico Way

I’m in Mexico this week to officiate the wedding of two of my dearest friends, Greg Tindale and Christina Bailey. Yes, that’s right – I’m the officiant…and no, this doesn’t mean I’m secretly a priest or rabbi (…or AM I?!). Greg and Christina just got the cockamamie idea that I’d lead a nice ceremony. They said they like how I articulate things. I’m flattered, honored and thrilled.

I’ll also be leading a yoga session for the bride and a few of her close friends on the morning of the wedding… on the beach. “Yoga on the beach” are some of the happiest words in the English language, as far as I’m concerned.

We’re only a 20 minute walk down the beach from Playa del Carmen, which is where Jordan and I honeymooned lo those many years ago (11 and a half, to be precise). We were such babies! It’s honestly staggering to think about those younger versions of us sitting on the beach, under the moon, wondering what their lives would be like…

We’re still wondering…

Wishing you as much warmth as possible whereever you are.

Photo above by Georgia Popplewell


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