A Love Letter to the Best J. Crew Customers Ever

I wrote this as a roast of my friends Greg and Christina, who wear J. Crew approximately 363 days of the year.

From the Desk of Millard “Mickey” Drexler
Chief Executive Officer, J.Crew

Dear Gregory and Christina,

Allow me to wish you a hearty congratulations on the occasion of your wedding. I hope your bridesmaids are enjoying their blossom flip-flops, Christina, and I know they will look stunning in their Taryn and Arabelle dresses in Matisse Blue. Gregory, I know your groomsmen will not look as handsome as you do in their aqua dress shirts, but certainly they will  not be able to ruin the simple elegance of our classic chinos in British khaki, with the 1.25 inch cuff.

Oh, what fun we had picking out those items together in our Washington, DC store, where we’ve spent so many glorious afternoons together. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your patronage of J. Crew over the years. Were it not for you, we would have had to contemplate layoffs last year… but your support kept us going. I think of Letitia McGrew, a sales manager in our Stamford, CT location, and her little boy Johnny. They wouldn’t have had Christmas if it weren’t for all that sweet, sweet cash you spent on our merchandise. And Ronald Steiferson, the cashier in our Lurlene, TX location, who’s on track to graduate from college this year, thanks to all the argyle socks and sweater vests Gregory has purchased from us over the years.

You are, in a word, our heroes. It is bittersweet then, to write this note, knowing that I will not be able to join you at your stylish Mexican wedding. But the people need me. They need my leadership as we put the March issue of our catalogue to bed… I can’t decide whether the cover model should be studiously cupping an acorn in his hands, or reading Moby Dick on the toilet. But look at me, rambling on, when all I really mean to say is this: congratulations on your nuptuals, and please never, ever stop spending your money in our stores.

With neverending warmth,

One thought on “A Love Letter to the Best J. Crew Customers Ever

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