Watch me on Cash Cab

Cash Cab host Ben BaileyOne sweaty New York City evening last summer, after spending several hours in a barely-air-conditioned rehearsal room with our improv troupe, Jordan and I decided to splurge and hail a cab home, rather than subjecting ourselves to the sauna that is the NY subway. We were just south of Times Square at the time, and the cab that picked us up turned out to be….the Cash Cab.

If you haven’t heard of Cash Cab, it’s a Discovery Channel game show that takes place in a taxi cab; based on the response on Facebook when we shared news of our experience, it’s also a pop culture phenomenon. Ironically, Jordan and I have never seen the show, which makes me feel like we just accidentally stumbled into winning American Idol or something. The first we heard of Cash Cab was last summer, actually, just before we encountered it in person, when Jordan’s mom and our 9-year-old niece came to visit; at the top of our niece’s list of things to do in NY was “be on Cash Cab.”  Sorry, Anna!

Anyhoo, a producer from the show called us yesterday to tell us that our episode will be airing on Wednesday, February 16 at 6pm. Set those DVRs, people! After it airs, I’ll write again to let you in on some behind-the-scenes scoop. 🙂




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