What energizes you?

“Sun Drenched” by Flickr user Digimist

I’ve been experimenting with a new morning routine, inspired by a book I’m reading called Journey from the Center to the Page: Yoga Philosophies and Practice as Muse for Authentic Writing by Jeff Davis. Davis recommends going right to your yoga mat first thing in the morning and asking yourself, “What am I writing for?” As you move through yoga poses, aligning breath with movement, an answer begins to surface — maybe, “I am writing for clarity – I need to figure something out,” or “I’m writing to bring myself comfort,” or a million other possibilities.

I’ve found this morning routine energizing and restorative at the same time. It anchors me in myself and helps me feel more centered and mindful as I approach not only my writing, but also the rest of my day. Psychologically, knowing that I’ve taken care of myself first thing in the morning buoys me throughout the day, and helps frustrations slide off me instead of digging in their hooks.

Plus, by starting my day with yoga, I relieve myself of the ongoing stress I used to feel of having a voice inside me all day saying, “You need yoga. Go do yoga. When are you going to practice yoga?”

(In other words: listening to ourselves can be a lot more energizing than the ever-so-draining exercise of drowning ourselves out.)

Not to mention, my writing practice feels more meaningful when I come to it with such full-bodied intention. This morning on the mat, when I asked myself, “What am I writing for?”, the first word that surfaced was “energy.” Hence, today’s post.

What energizes you? Can you experiment with changes to your routine that might help you find more energy in your day?

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3 thoughts on “Energize

  1. Oh wow. Your comment/question – "What am I writing for?" is sort of what I asked in my blog post today. It's based on all those writings I have in a "stasis" of sorts. I love the idea of looking at it from the perspective of what energizes you? For me – it is doing kettlebells (at night), hearing laughter and making people smile. It's also connecting with someone on various thoughts and ideas. I love the question. Questions in and of themselves are energizing too. I think. Great post!


  2. I shower. First thing in the morning. I do not pass go, I do not collect $200, I shower. Very hot, very fast – less than 10 minute. The rest of the family has long respected it unless they want to have a rotten day. And when I had kids, I stuck to it. The baby may have woken me up to nurse, but I did that in the dark, and then headed straight to the shower. Not only was it the one thing that allowed me to have some semblance of control in the new baby chaos, it just helped me get off to a good start. Oh, and I shower at the end of the day too. Calms me down. Gives me a peaceful start to the second shift if there is one (work, reading for work, putting a night owl child down finally, nookie time with the huz, whatever….) or just helps me sleep. The afternoons are the killer though. When bedtime is still a good 7 hours away but the day has already gone on for 7. That's when I get seriously grumpy. It's when I'd love nothing more than to exercise. Because it would do me a world of good. Mostly, it's impossible so I just power through thinking of how I will miss this when the rugrats are grown. I tried yoga by the way. But striking a pose seemed to invite being jumped on. <<shaking my head>>


  3. Slowburn: Fascinating!! Used to be, I couldn't wake up w/o a shower. Then I started working from home, and suddenly, showers were less critical to my day 😉 Can you and your "rugrats" exercise together at all? Like, who can do the most jumping jacks?? Game of tag? Something that lets you sneak in the exercise you crave while also being an attentive mommy??Tracy – "Questions in and of themselves are energizing." I like this. I've noticed that most mornings, Jeff Davis will post the following tweet: "What question are you living today?" I find answering that question, like answering the "What are you writing for?" question, gives my energies focus… which in turn makes me feel like I have more energy at my disposal.


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