Moonshine, Rooftops and Imagined Perfection

“Barn’s burnt down. Now I can see the moon.”
– Mizuta Masahide

Grateful. Grateful for warm Austin evenings — day softening, sunlight filtering through trees, pattern-shadows on sidewalks and skin. Grateful for the curvy woman in an aqua blue and white checked dress, red roses in her thick brown hair, bringing songs to me from a shiny ukelele and her full red lips. 

Grateful for the sound of words like “moonshine” and “rooftop.” Grateful for those romance moments when your pulse quickens and inner and outer are aligned, and you can imagine perfection.

Vulnerable. Tender. We are exposed in these moments when all feels lost, and then we find rebirth.

The freshness of a perfect word chosen, a moment, an image, an artist who captures your imagination and gives you a feeling you sorely, sorely need.

This post inspired by Austin musician Datri Bean. Sample her music below – my favorite song is “Foolish,” which she wrote after a big fight with her husband, when she realized it was all her fault (and he slept soundly):


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