Seinfeld Reruns and Shape Shifting

Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 8pm while watching Seinfeld reruns with Jordan. Jerry and Kramer had traded apartments, and Jerry was acting all Kramer-like…something about chicken… zzzz.

I awoke with a start at 8:30 and padded off to bed, leaving Jordan to watch a few episodes of The Clone Wars and enjoy a glass of scotch before joining me. I read a few pages of Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart and nodded off.

I awoke at some unnamed hour of the night, wide awake.

The next thing I knew, it was 9am, and “Morning Edition” was blaring from the clock radio on Jordan’s side of the bed. I snuggled Cosmo in bed for a while (he’s so snuggly in the morning) before trudging out to the kitchen to make oatmeal and a cup of tea.

Hello, Monday.

A few nights ago, I had a dream that my friend Beth (not her real name) wanted an iPad, but her father said she wasn’t responsible enough – wasn’t as responsible as her sister, Alice. So Beth went to where Alice was lounging on the couch, and took her iPad, and also unraveled the yarn that was wrapped around her long, long legs.

In the next scene, Beth was using the iPad, and wrapping her own legs in the same yarn. Then I was plunging through the wall of the industrial hide-out where Beth and I lived, and shape-shifting, and whenever something metal gouged my hand, I’d watch as the cut healed instantly, as if on time-lapse.

This is not the first dream I’ve had about shape-shifting in the last few months.

I wonder what my legs would look like, wrapped in multi-colored yarn. Amanda and the Technicolor Dream Leg Warmers.

It felt good to go to improv class yesterday. We practiced transformational edits and I loved how they plunged me into character and emotion, en medeas res. After class I drank two beers and nerded out on improv talk with Jordan and Phil. Then I came home, walked Cosmo, ate a vegetarian banh mi sandwich, and fell onto the couch to watch TV.

Jerry was acting all Kramer-like. Her boyfriend told Elaine she had a big head. And something about chicken…



3 thoughts on “Seinfeld Reruns and Shape Shifting

  1. Slowburn – ha! I'm pretty sure I've just felt like playing a bit with my writing lately (was inspired by a musician I saw in Austin, see previous post)… but maybe I'm experiencing a prolonged concussion w/o realizing it 😉


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