Spotlight: Mother’s Comfort Project

Sadie the dog helps herself to the beds sewn by Mother’s Comfort Project volunteersI’m proud to be on the board of Rational Animal, a NYC nonprofit that uses media to raise awareness of at-risk animals. One of my favorite projects of ours is called Mother’s Comfort Project, which brings together groups of volunteers to sew cozy, handmade dog beds and catnip toys for New York’s otherwise harsh municipal animal shelters.

Watch this video to see how much animals enjoy these small gifts of comfort:

To date we’ve delivered over 2000 beds and 1500 toys to New York City shelters, providing comfort for thousands of homeless animals. As Cosmo snuggles up against my foot — I think of all the animals out there who aren’t getting the heaps of love and affection they deserve, and I am so grateful to our volunteers for everything they do.

Get involved:

  • We’re looking for a sponsor for Mother’s Comfort in 2011; please email me if you’re interested, or have a lead for us.
  • If you live in the NY area, our next sewing session is this Sunday at Flirt in Brooklyn from 12-4pm. Email Maggie Hurley at to volunteer. (If sewing’s not your bag, but you’d like to help out on other projects – Maggie can hook you up with something more up your alley. For example, we have a huge annual fundraising event, and are always looking for silent auction donations.)
  • Visit the Animal Rescue Site and click on their homepage once a day to provide food and care to animals in need (their sponsors cover the costs).

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