The Magic of Shared Values

I just had it. That feeling. You know, the one you get when you meet someone and you know, instantly, “you are my kind of people.” It’s magic, isn’t it? We trudge through day after day, feeling at times a tenuous kinship with those around us, and then we meet someone, and BAM – we are reminded what it feels like to be part of a tribe.

The “someone” in this case is a potential client. One 30-minute conversation later, and I’m soaring, because it’s clear to me just how intellectually and creatively compatible we’d be. These are people with integrity. After wandering in the desert this past year, where freelance work is withered and scarce, I just found a cold drink of water.

We’ll see if they hire me. Even if they don’t, just knowing they’re out there, I feel better. I’m not a crazy person in search of work that doesn’t exist.

It’s funny, what scarcity teaches us. I’ve learned that no matter how tough things get, I’m not willing to take on something that’s “just a job,” if it forces me to compromise the values I hold dear.

“If security didn’t exist and life was uncertain, then I needed to find a life’s work that was fulfilling in the process and made me as happy as I could be every day, so that no matter when it ended, I could say I’d spent whatever time I had well.” – Lane Wallace, in this unrelated but fascinating article

Photo above by Flickr user Harold Neal

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Shared Values

  1. You are one of the smartest, most talented women I know. I am fortunate to have learned SO much from you.. keep up the good work and I hope that cool client comes on board!


  2. Agree w Marion! Love this post — sorry I don't have time to read your others. You have a gift, Amanda and I consider it a privilege to have worked with you for so many years. It will be a big mistake if that client doesn't hire you!


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