New: “Inner Dog” Series

Some of you might remember Right Wing Dogs, an idea I had for a web series a while back. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it – then here, from the archives, is episode 1:

I never produced episode 2 – I think politics just isn’t my playground- but the idea of doing something dog-related stuck. (This should come as no to surprise to anyone who’s ever walked down the street with me and observed me greeting every dog like a long-lost friend/baby.)

Anyway, this past week, I was sitting on the subway, writing in my journal, when inspiration struck: photos of dogs side by side with “transcripts” of their innermost thoughts and neuroses. (I put “transcript” in quotes, but really… part of me feels like I’m so attuned to dogs, I actually DO know what they’re thinking.)

I was thinking of starting this as a separate blog project, and Tumblr (with its popularity in the comedy community) seemed like a good outlet, but I couldn’t find a Tumblr theme I liked (a “theme” is like a template, for you non-web-heads), and then I thought: Why splinter this off? You already have a blog — just make this a new, recurring feature. (Sometimes I am very business-like with myself.)

And so, I’m happy to introduce a new feature here on Inner Dog. Its mascot: the one, the only… Cosmo Hirsch (pictured here as a puppy, right after we brought him home, and he was not at all sure about us):

“It’s ok. It’s ok. The Giant Shoes will keep you safe.”





 Please send me dog photos at along with info on how I should credit you (name, URL if you have one).

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