Pleasures: City v. Country

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in Maine for two weeks with my family – a working vacation, but I’m making an effort to get up early in the morning so I can have some time to myself to loll about and write before getting to work. This morning, I hit the jackpot.

Luxury personifiedNormally, it’s kind of soupy grey in the mornings here, and then the fog burns off by midday. Not today, though. Today I arose and there to greet me was a bright blue sky and the warm sun blazing down. I made myself a cup of green tea (with a touch of blueberry honey) and Cosmo and I padded down to the lawn, where the harbor spread out before us like a feast.

The hammock beckoned. I accepted the invitation, climbing into its net like climbing into the womb, and curled up there, writing in my journal, while Cosmo scampered about the lawn, gathering smells. Occassionally he’d come over for some petting, and then back he went, trotting about. This was luxury personified.

As I walked back up to the house, I saw a butterfly flitting over the flowers in the garden, and I wondered to myself, why do I live in a city? Nature provides such a calming and sumptuous feast for the senses, and it makes me so undeniably happy. I can’t remember the last time a city scene filled me with so much joy.

For the past year or so I’ve been fantasizing about moving to a little bungalow in the woods, or by the sea. An artist’s cottage, simple but cozy, where I can write, and Jordan can make music, and the complexities of the city can fall away. I’m sure I’d miss things about city life — but wouldn’t it be interesting to flip the paradigm, and spend most of my life in a rural setting, with jaunts into the city for extra stimulation… instead of the reverse?

I think it would be.

Do you live in the city? If so, would you ever consider living in the country? And if you live somewhere rural, does the city hold any appeal for you?


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