Who’s Going to Hawaii?

The summer of 2010 was a repulsive time to be in New York. It also happened to be my first summer in the city. As fall finally provided its sweet relief, I vowed never to spend another summer in the big (sweaty) apple, and promptly signed us up for HomeExchange.com. I had visions of stupid New Englanders blithely trading their homes by the sea for the chance to spend July or August in our Brooklyn apartment.

Turns out I was the stupid one. No one bit. And then, a few weeks ago, I got this email:


We are looking for an exchange to New York for two weeks in November 2011…Would you be interested in coming to the Big Island of Hawaii at that time? We’ve got ocean, mountains, volcanoes; it’s all here!

[Names omitted for privacy]

Aloha indeed! A friend of mine in Manhattan asked, “Do they know where you live??” (She couldn’t believe anyone would want to stay in Brooklyn.) It turns out this couple used to live in our exact neighborhood. So while we are enjoying their ranch house with a Jacuzzi on the Big Island… they will be very happy in our Brooklyn abode.

Miracles do happen.

Of course, my husband processes everything through the prism of The Simpsons, so he’s taken to asking, “Who’s going to Hawaii? Am I going to Hawaii?” — per this clip from the show.

Have you ever done a home exchange? What kinds of experiences have you had?

Photo above by Flickr user Steve Dunleavy



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