Politics as Entertainment?

NBC reports the facts during last night’s debateI’m married to a guy who considers “Meet the Press” and C-SPAN top forms of entertainment. C-SPAN, I can take — it’s dull, but inoffensive. But “Meet the Press” just agitates me. To me, it represents everything that’s wrong with the world — corrupt politicians spouting talking points, smug elites practicing spin. So when I suggested we watch “Battlestar Gallactica” last night, or maybe those episodes of “Louie” that we had on the Tivo, and Jordan said, “Actually, I really want to watch the GOP debate!” — my heart sank.

Some people find politics an entertaining distraction. “Every time a candidate trashes Obama, take a drink!” To me, it’s just a depressing, demoralizing spectacle.

Do you follow politics closely? Do you enjoy shows like “Meet the Press”? Or do you avoid politics at all costs?

Image via @DaveHolmes on Twitter


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