12 Things for 2012

Today’s Reverb 11 prompt asks, “What are 12 things your life doesn’t need in 2012? How will you go about eliminating them?” I’d rather focus on 12 things I do need… 12 things I want to cultivate. So, here’s that list:

12 Things I Want More of in 2012

1. Yoga. This year, my goal was to go to yoga class at least 3 times a week. After January, my follow-through on that pretty much evaporated. I am so good at finding reasons not to practice yoga. And then, whenever I list the things in this world that make me happy and fulfilled and make me feel like my truest self, yoga is near the top of the list. And one of the best things I did this year was lead a yoga class for my friend Christina on her wedding day. So… more yoga in 2012, please.

2. Exercise. I’ve been doing the “I should go to the gym more” dance for years now. In college, I just went. Then, once I started life post-graduation, I struggled to fit exercise into my life… and I’m still struggling, 10+ years later. It’s good for my body, it’s apparently good for my mood, so I need to just do it. 

Happy by the sea3. Ocean. The ocean brings me peace. I want more of it in my life next year and every year after that.

4. Hammock time. I spent almost every morning in Maine this summer writing in a hammock, and those were some of the happiest moments of my whole year. If we get the apartment we just applied for, we’ll have a huge deck that most definitely has room for a hammock…I’m so there.

5. Sketch writing (and seeing my sketches performed). I fell in love with sketch writing this year, and next year, I want to push myself to see more of my sketches actually take shape — ideally, in video form. I need to find creative partners for this.

6. The Village. The Village is my very favorite part of NYC, and I don’t spend nearly enough time there since moving to Brooklyn. I’m not generally a romantic about New York, but the Village enchants me every time — the East Village is my favorite, but there are corners of the West Village that charm my pants off. I need to spend more time wandering aimlessly there, shopping, people-watching, idling, dreaming.

7. Energy. As I wrote last week — I have been tired for so much of this year. And I’m over it. I’m done. I’m ready to be an energetic human being, please. (See #s 1 and 2 above…)

I made these barrettes at the Hello Craft Summit of Awesome (theme was Under the Sea)8. Arts & Crafts. When I was at the Etsy Summit earlier this year, the best part was when they unleashed us in a room full of arts and crafts supplies and let us play. I was in heaven. Same thing at the Hello Craft Summit of Awesome; I made a dish towel and barrettes — things I’d never think to make on my own, but what fun it was! For Halloween I bought a little craft kit at the Paper Store and made mustachioed, googley-eyed pumpkins, bats and ghosts for our apartment. I love this stuff, and I need to give myself more opportunities to play and make stuff with my hands. (I’m planning to have a whole lot of fun wrapping my holiday gifts this year…)

9. Hm. This is getting hard. Ok, how about: Money. Things improved for me on the job front this year, but as I wrote on this blog, I’m still not earning what I used to. I’d love to see that change in 2012.

10. Peace in my Family. I don’t want to share details, but — I’d love to see some family drama dissipate in the new year.

11. Artistic Community. I’ve been struggling to find this ever since I moved to NY. Maybe in connection with sketch-writing, maybe in some other form – I would love to feel more connected to a community of fellow artists.

12. Simplicity. Last New Year’s Eve, I went to a yoga class at Bend & Bloom Yoga in Park Slope, and the teacher, Daniella Rosales-Friedman, asked us to reflect on what we could subtract from our lives in the new year…which of course brings me full circle to the original Reverb prompt for today. I don’t know what I want to subtract in 2012, but I know I want to stay focused on subtracting that which isn’t necessary… to live as simply as possible, in terms of everything from my emotions to my footprint on this planet.

How about you? What do you want to subtract? What do you want to add?


5 thoughts on “12 Things for 2012

  1. I relate to the longing to find an artistic community and to expand your ability/opportunity to put your art into practice with same.If we don't make a living as artists, it can become easy to prioritize things over top of our art,whatever kind it is. Our practical sides write it off as a luxury. But hold on to that side and do whatever you need to in order to create the art that is in you. It is more important than anything else. Even more than bill paying.


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