Yoga and DIY Spirituality

And of all the religious patterns occurring among Americans now, none is more prevalent than the widespread dissatisfaction with established religion, a falling away of the faithful from the structures and rules of conventional Judeo-Christian worship. In its place is a more do-it-yourself spirituality, a cobbling together of private-prayer, transcendent experience and family tradition; for millions of these DIYers, yoga and meditation meet a need that regular churchgoing can’t fill.

– From the article Who Owns Yoga? by Lisa Miller in The Washington Post

“DIY spirituality.” Why not? DIY home renovation shows fill the airwaves, and handmade/craft culture is on the rise… if we can make our own light fixtures out of mason jars, why not make our own religion?

Kidding aside, this passage resonated deeply with me. My spiritual life is definitely a cobbled-together collage of experiences, from yoga and meditation to journaling and time in nature, with a custom-made curriculum: books like Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. My spirituality is very important to me, and it’s very personalized — something I’ve cultivated and created for myself, versus an external organization/club/belief system to which I subscribe.

What do you think we gain from DIY spirituality – and what, if anything, do you think we lose?


2 thoughts on “Yoga and DIY Spirituality

  1. "if we can make our own light fixtures out of mason jars, why not make our own religion?" "We" already did. All religion is human-made, and I think it's also something very personal that will be different for everyone. Just like no two people hear music the exact same way, no two people can experience religion the same way, so I think it makes perfect sense for people to carve out their own belief systems. After all, isn't selecting the best path from all available options the very basis of independent thought?


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