The Hirschling’s Nursery

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So, the Hirschling’s nursery is almost ready… here’s a photo of how it was looking about a week ago:

The dresser (yellow, foreground) was in Jordan’s bedroom growing up — we just repainted it (and let me tell you, that was no small feat, as a 9-months-pregnant woman!).

Here’s a close-up shot of the curtains, which I LOVE, and my big comfy white glider, which I expect will soon have a butt imprint given how much time I’ll be spending there:

Then, over the weekend, we set up a bookcase:

Not pictured (just out of frame): the bottom shelf is packed with books from my own childhood, from classics like Make Way for Ducklings to lesser-known, personal favorites like Angus and the Cat and It’s Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House. I’m so glad my parents saved these for me!

The stuffed animals on the shelves are gifts we’ve received, with the exception of the stuffed bunny, which we bought — our first gift for her :). (As a kid, I carried a stuffed bunny named Raymond with me everywhere I went… until he fell apart and was beyond repair, at which point, my mom told me it was time for him to retire to my bookcase. Were there tears? No! Because, at the same time, in a stroke of genius, my parents artfully gifted me with an identical stuffed bunny — same brand, same make… identical. I named her Jenny and proceeded to carry around with me everywhere I went, and in fact, kept her in my bed at night for years, all the way through high school.)

Perched on the dresser, leaning against the wall, is an ABCs needlepoint that my aunt made for me when I was a baby. Soon we’ll hang it on that patch of wall right above the dresser. And in the first photo, at the top of this post, you can barely make out another needlepoint we’ll be hanging — one my mom made for me, that says, “May You Have a Happy Heart.” What a perfect keepsake to have in this room, and a perfect message for our baby daughter!

Plus, not pictured, a gift from my baby shower: a framed print with personal notes to Baby from friends and family. She will be showered with love!

Now I’m just pulling together the room’s final details: some sheets for the crib (purchased, just need to be washed), plus a few photos of sleeping baby animals to hang on wall opposite the dresser (piglets, a puppy, and a lamb). And I’ll need a teeny-tiny table for between the glider and the crib where I can put a reading lamp and keep a drink and snacks for when I nurse.

This has been such a fun project — I love putting a room together. I love creating space for our daughter (!) in our home. And I love the room’s mix of old and new.

Now all we need is the newest thing of all: her!


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  1. Her room looks great! Isn't it fun setting things up? I have my favorite book from my childhood too, Panda Cake. It's fun to read it to the kids now. Your story about Raymond (and Jenny) reminded me of a book, Knuffle Bunny (and Knuffle Bunny Too, and Knuffle Bunny Three) by Mo Willems. I highly recommend them! Enjoy putting the finishing touches on things. Keep us posted on any news! XOXO


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