I haven’t yet hit that late-pregnancy nesting instinct and energy surge of legend… but the past few months have definitely had a nesting theme, as we’ve settled into a new place and put together the Hirschling’s nursery. Plus, I’m just generally a nester — as much as I love to live in the city, I need my home to be my sanctuary, and I’m happiest when my calendar includes plenty of free nights to just stay in and putter.

This morning, I took an extra long walk with Cosmo (they say walks can spur labor…!). It had rained earlier, and the air felt fresh, and full of promise. I tuned into the sound of birds singing as Cosmo sniffed and trotted. And I found myself thinking about nests.

Some nests are majestic, dramatic:

Photo by Ro Irving on Flickr Others are sweet, and quaint:

Photo by David Stillman on FlickrIt takes a lot of work to build a good nest:

Photo by Pat Gaines on Flickr

And yet, for all that effort: our nest is not the center of the universe. There are nests everywhere:

Photo by K. Hurley on FlickrFor more on nests, check out this tiny e-book on nesting by my friend Kate.


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