Please Vote for My Proposed Sessions at NTC 14

Forgive the wonky post title, but I am very excited about two sessions I proposed for the Nonprofit Technology Conference in 2014, and would be very grateful if you’d cast a vote for each of them.

Telling Your Story Online
Vote here!

You tell your story with every piece of content you create — every tweet, every blog post, every strategy document, every presentation. So what story are you telling — and is it the one you want to tell? Drawing on her background as a writer and performer, as well as her 14+ years creating content and communications strategies for nonprofits, Amanda Hirsch will lead this reflective, interactive workshop and arm you with the tools you need to tell the right story for the results you seek.

Something From Nothing: How Improv Can Help Your Nonprofit Thrive 
(with Jordan Hirsch)
Vote here! 

The art of improv is all about creating something from nothing, on the fly, with limited resources — sound familiar? Sure, you have a strategy that guides your decision-making, but often, you need to invent a solution in less time than you’d like, with fewer resources at your disposal than you’d like. In short, you have to improvise. In this highly interactive session, we’ll show you how improv can make you more effective (and even happier!). You’ll leave armed with concrete tools, and a smile.

Thank you in advance for your votes!

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