I’m Soooo Tranquil

I was thrilled to chat with my friend Kimberly Wilson on the latest episode of her podcast, Tranquility du Jour. We talked about my book and about motherhood, yoga, creativity and more. I apparently talk very, very fast.

You can listen here

Kimberly is an artist, author, podcaster, activist and queen of a yoga empire in Washington, DC — by which I mean, she runs the beloved Tranquil Space Yoga, as well as the Tranquil Space Foundation. I discovered yoga at Tranquil Space, and went on to serve on the steering committee of the foundation, and I have long admired Kimberly for the powerful way she aligns her inner values with her outer life. In other words, she’s the bomb, and I was so honored to be on her podcast, which we recorded while she was on her annual sojourn to Paris. (Tough life!) Now she’s touring the country in an RV spreading the tranquility gospel with her boyfriend, Tim, their pug, Louis, and a bunch of cats. See if her Tranquility Tour is coming to your neck of the woods.



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