Meet My Friends: New Series

Update 3.17.14: It felt too douchey for a referral bonus to ever be part of the mix with these posts, so, new plan: I’m just going to introduce you to some of my favorite people, period. No agenda. (Ahh. That feels better.)

Next week I’m starting a new series here on the ol’ blog, called Meet My Friends, featuring Q&As with some of the fabulous people I’m lucky enough to call my friends. In some cases, I’ll just be spotlighting people because I think they’re fabulous and I want to share their story, and because I want to connect the dots between people I know from different parts of my life. In other cases, I’ll be spotlightling a fellow business owner, and my motives will be mixed: I do think they’re wonderful, AND I’ll get a 10% referral bonus if you hire them based on my recommendation. Trust me — referral bonuses are nice, but I’m not gonna get rich off this, and I wouldn’t write about someone if I didn’t genuinely like them and think they had something of value to offer. It’s just a way some of my friends and I are giving each other extra incentive to help each other grow our businesses.

I’m excited to give people I believe in a moment in the proverbial Internet spotlight. 

Stay tuned!




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