Seeking Experienced Brooklyn Improvisors for a New Project

Brooklyn poster by Ork Posters of ChicagoAre you an experienced improviser living in NYC who, for whatever reason, just hasn’t found a “home” in the city’s improv scene?

Do you value a kind of improv based on playing truthful characters? Do you agree that it’s better to do a show that’s compelling for the audience and leaves you feeling like you performed with integrity, than a show that is so focused on being funny that it risks falling as flat as a bad standup routine?

Do you need improv like oxygen, but feel “over” schlepping to midtown (aka Little Improv Town aka “the armpit of Manhattan”)? Do you fantasize about rehearsing and performing improv in Brooklyn instead? Would you rather perform at 8pm than 11pm?

If so, we might be improv soul mates. 

I’m looking to start something new in Brooklyn with 5-7 kindred spirits. If you think you might be one of them, please give me a shout at

I’m imagining a bi-weekly practice in Brooklyn and bi-weekly shows (so, practice one week, show the next). 

About me:
I’ve been performing improv since 2004. I got my start with Washington Improv Theater (WIT) in Washington, DC and performed with one of their ensembles, JINX, for years. We performed in the Chicago Improv Festival, Del Close, Dirty South (now NC Comedy Arts), etc. Over the years I’ve taken a number of workshops with folks from Chicago, LA and NYC theaters. Since moving to NYC in ’09 I’ve taken classes at various theaters, been on a couple indie teams, but still don’t feel like I’ve found my improv “home.” I’m hoping this project can turn into that — or at least, you know, be fun ;).

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