Radical Playfulness in 2014

It’s been a wonderful year.

I hope next year is completely different.

In March I produced and performed in Having a Ball Having it All, a comedy showcase that looked at what exactly success, fulfillment, happiness and balance mean to modern women. (Listen to my monologue here.)

In April I published my first book

Over the summer, I launched my first e-course: Telling Your Story Online.

In September my business started picking up for the first time in years, and I got a series of exciting new clients, including the George Lucas Educational Foundation and TED.

In October I started getting dizzy spells, which now appear to be tied to stress, or dairy, or both. But probably stress. 

My show feels so long ago. The book feels like an artifact of my past self.

I’m proud of these creative pinnacles, but (and) I’m greedy for more.

I’m home this week in DC, and last night I performed in Chinese Menu Comedy‘s Home for the Holidays show. It was so much fun, and next week, I’m in the Seasonal Disorder show at Washington Improv Theater, and Jordan and I will be doing our two-person show, Marriedprov (about a boring married couple). 

God, I miss improv. Not improv for improv’s sake, but being around people who want to laugh and play.

2013 was about working hard.

I want 2014 to be about play.

I’m not averse to hard work; in fact, my instinct is to bear down and go full throttle to accomplish my goals, be they personal or professional.

But what if that’s a wrong-headed approach?

What if radical playfulness is the path not only to greater happiness, but also greater productivity?

In 2014, I want to try an experiment: To see what I’m capable of when I indulge myself in play. More improv, more yoga, more writing. More all of the things that light me up inside. 

More joy.

Here’s to a more joyful, playful 2014. 


Photo by Sally M on Flickr

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