Helping Other Women Tell Their Stories

It all started with Cat.

This is Cat. Cat is a filmmaker living in Wales. She found me via Twitter and reached out to set up a one-hour consultation through my company, Good Things Consulting. She needed help telling her story.

I DIG Cat. She is an amazing producer and connector who is passionate about helping other women in her industry and beyond. She was at a critical point in her career (and life), ready to redefine herself a bit – to pivot – and she needed help figuring out the new story she wanted to tell about herself, and how to align her online presence accordingly.

We hit it off right away. She has her own number and got right down to business, telling me all of her hang-ups and issues while radiating obvious brilliance, creativity and passion. Our one-hour consultation turned into four, spread over a month, with me drinking from my mug of tea in Brooklyn and her on the other end of the Skype call drinking from her mug of tea in the UK.

Here’s a shout-out she gave me on Twitter:

And then she was off to the races, promising to check in with me from time to time if she needed a nudge, some quick advice, or even a partner (I’d love to be her co-conspirator at some point).

My experience with Cat solidified something I’d been feeling for a while now, which is that as much as I love working with nonprofits and indie media companies (my traditional client base), I increasingly crave the fulfillment that comes from helping purpose-driven individuals — people who are artists, or freelancers, or entrepreneurs, who are great at what they do but just have a block when it comes to self-promotion…or who know they need help on this front. Every time I help a friend who falls into this category, I find it so rewarding. I want to do it more.

Cut to: Brunch at the Long Island Bar here in Brooklyn, where I’m talking to my friend and fellow marketing consultant Colleen about all this, and about how I want to do more workshops. Skype is great, but nothing compares to actually being in the same room as a person. I’m tired of spending so much of my time behind a computer. And I’m a performer and a public speaker – I want these in-person interactions to be a bigger part of how I help people.

Two hours and a few cocktails later, our idea for this workshop was born.

I love that I’m doing this with a fellow creative woman, let alone one who is so intelligent, thoughtful and detail-oriented –- and who throws a MEAN party. Seriously. Colleen and her husband, John, an artist (see a drawing he made of the Long Island, below), are known for hosting living room concerts and epic dinner parties. Having her involved means not only doubling the marketing smarts in the room (well, okay, tripling them – she’s got an MBA and is just killer smart), but also ensuring that this is a well-planned, FUN day. (I actually interviewed Colleen for my blog last year — find out why she takes sabbaticals to other cities, what makes her laugh so hard she’s afraid she’ll wet her pants, and more.)

The Long Island Bar © by Colleen's husband, John Tebeau (2014)

The Long Island Bar © by Colleen’s husband, John Tebeau (2014)

And guess where we’re hosting it? …At the Long Island Bar, of course, where the idea was born. Learn to market yourself, enjoy a boozy brunch and meet other creative women… if I needed help with self-promotion, I’d sign up!

Now I just have to figure out a way to get Cat into town for it, and everything will be perfect.

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