Imagine Doing an Art Show With Your Mother

Reclamations, an art show from mother/daughter artists Sarah and Rosalind Bloom

Can you imagine doing an art show with your mother? Sarah and Rosalind Bloom are doing just that — and it’s spectacular.

I’ve written before about Sarah Bloom, a Philadelphia-based photographer and all-around bad-ass who just happens to be my cousin by marriage. Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a daytrip to Philly to see her show called Reclamations at the daVinci Art Alliance, which she’s doing in concert with none other than her mother, Rosalind Bloom. It was gorgeous, and the interplay between their work was super cool –- Sarah takes artfully staged and deeply expressive nude self-portraits in abandoned buildings, and Roz is a mixed-media artist who makes these intricate, layered collages of fabric, paint, and other found materials (including drawings that her granddaughter – Sarah’s daughter, Sophia – made as a child…making the show truly intergenerational).

Reviewing Sarah’s workThe work looks beautiful and striking in the space, and it was such a pleasure to be alone in the gallery with the artists and with Roz’s cousin, Diane (an artist and activist visiting from L.A.), hearing Sarah and Roz talk about what the work means to them.

It was really touching to hear them talk about their creative process, and each other’s process, with such an easy, shared vocabulary, and obvious mutual admiration. I am so close to my own mom, who is highly creative but does not make art, and I just can’t imagine what it would be like to share the kind of intimacy that would come from talking about art-making together, let alone displaying our work together.

It’s a really special show, and if you live in Philly or within a daytrip of it, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s just a few blocks away from the famous Italian Market, which is full of amazing food and great people-watching…a really lovely spring daytrip.

As a postscript, I’ve seen Sarah’s work online for years, but never displayed in a gallery — what a difference it makes. Yesterday was a good reminder that sometimes we need to witness things (and each other) live and in person.

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