All the Trappings

Photo by Jenny Downing

Photo by Jenny Downing

I woke up early this morning. Pulled on my robe, went to the computer, began to write. Poured out my heart. Took the impulse, the gestation of a blog post that I’d been feeling inside me since late yesterday, and channeled it.

Then, because it was early, I accidentally hit “discard,” instead of “save.”

I’ve lost blog drafts before, and usually I can quickly recreate most of what I wrote, but in this case – I can’t recall the precise words, only the intention. And I don’t want to write it a different way. It’s already been written, the right way.

Maybe you will take my word for it, that the lesson I was trying to share was this:
Be vulnerable.
Ask for help.
And when the external trappings of success arrive, remember
that the real cause for celebration
is the people who held you
when those trappings were elusive.

(Another lesson: draft your blog posts offline, for god’s sake, and auto-save. Sigh.)

R.I.P., little blog post. 



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