Facing 40

If you’re turning 40 soon and there’s a voice in your head going, “Shit, I always thought I would have done X by now”… you are so not alone.

For one thing, I’m right there with you (see: my recent posts, proclaiming Major Life Changes). So are most of my friends. For another, the mid-life crisis is well-entrenched in our culture, and not for nothin’: That shit is real. There’s something about reaching this point in our lives where, no matter how much we’ve attempted to live with purpose along the way, whatever big dream we have that’s left undone starts aching like an old injury on a rainy day. And that shit HURTS.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about this with my friend Lauree, who today is unveiling a really cool offering for those of us in this boat — called, aptly enough, Facing 40. Lauree is an amazing life coach who works with tons of women who grew up over-achieving and are still trying to break the habit. Women who have their shit together but need encouragement sometimes taking the bigger life steps that might really rock the boat.

Here’s just one sample testimonial:

“Life changing. Clarifying. Motivating. Everyone on the planet would live a better, happier, more satisfying life if they had a life coach, and I would recommend you. ”

— Jen, aka The Runaway Mama (runawaymama.com)

Lauree has helped so many women who are facing 40 and realized that she could help more people if she pulled together everything she shared in her one-on-one coaching into an online class that people could take in groups. Check it out. And no, she isn’t paying me to write this; I just believe in it, and in her, and think this class could really help a lot of people.

I couldn’t resist ending this post with the clip below from When Harry Met Sally, because really, how many of us spend our 30s looking ahead to the big 4-0, and feeling like it’s right around the corner, even when it’s nearly a decade away?!

And yet, the closer I get to 40 (I’m 39, and my birthday’s in May…), the more I actually approach it with eager anticipation. I feel like women get more clear in their 40s. We excel. We shine. Maybe we shine BECAUSE turning 40 prompts us to air out the closets where we store our dreams and bring them out into the sun.

Related Reading: Read an interview I did with Lauree here on this blog a few years back.

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