Maybe I can

Lately when I wake up in the morning, and I feel the weight of things, I say to myself, “Maybe I can.” And my heart lifts.

I’ve read The Little Engine That Could, but “I think I can” doesn’t work for me; it feels superficial, like a pep talk from the outside. “Maybe I can” comes from within. It raises the possibility of being able to do whatever I want to be able to do that day, whether it’s to be present and playful with my daughter, and still firm when I need to be; or soft with my husband; or optimistic and energized in the face of all the change in our lives right now: planning a move to a new city, adjusting to a new job for the first time in a decade.

“Maybe I can.”

Saying this to myself opens a hopeful door to my best nature and my deepest energy.

Maybe I can.

Photo by Susanne Nilsson on Flickr

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