The silver lining of this election

The dominant narrative among my friends these days is one of horror, anger, cynicism and despondency. Never one to accept the story that’s handed to me, I want to offer a counter-narrative — not to put a falsely bright face on a horrible situation, but to identify a true opportunity that I see emerging from the darkness.

The other day, in my hometown of Washington, DC, someone walked into a bourgeois pizza parlor with an assault weapon because of a fake news story that someone deliberately perpetuated.

Fortunately, no one was physically injured. Emotionally, on the other hand…psychically…

Every day there are acts of horror such as this all around the world. Now it is close. Now there are swastikas on schools in the good neighborhoods. Hate is confronting us. And we must confront it back.

If there is a silver lining to this election it is that those of us cloaked in privilege can no longer distract ourselves from seeing the truth. And now that the truth is out in the open, we can and must address it, rather than pretending it’s Other People’s Problems.

There is an opportunity here to build a country that is more truly inclusive — to unite meaningfully as people who love each other regardless of our differences. It will take all of our ingenuity. It will take all of our love. But I believe we can and will do it. It is always darkest before the dawn.

We invent the story of the world with every choice we make.

Do not let them write the ending. Do not tell yourself the story that there is no hope.

Photo by Jeffrey Zeldman 

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