This is how I feel, too, Erin.

My week: A warm, heartening dinner party, where, amidst copious wine and much laughter, a good friend makes the stone-cold sober case that we are descending into fascism.

The next day, news of protestors being banned from the National Mall during the Inauguration. Wondering, “If they find a new location, is it safe to participate?” In between work emails, emailing back and forth with friends about how to do what’s morally right while being responsible parents. Maybe the wives could march while the husbands watched the kids — that way, if one parent is thrown in jail, at least one parent will be free… well, “free”…

My friend Z references the idea of a frog boiling in water. We must define, now, what “too far” means, he says, so that if (when) it happens, we can recognize it, and leave, rather than rationalizing, “Oh, well, it’s not so bad…”

Meanwhile, back to work tomorrow. Meanwhile, Christmas and Chanukah presents to buy. I plan recipes for the week and feel like Martha Stewart on the Titanic.

This is crazy-making and disorienting to the extreme.

Tomorrow we go to the passport office to get our daughter a passport. I recommend all my friends with children do the same. Make sure all of your passports are updated. Just in case…

Is it crazier to leave, or to stay?

Photo by Ross Elliott

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