That time I put on all my makeup at 4:30am

I throw off the sweaty blanket. My temples throb. I dream that I’m explaining to my husband why I need to leave for work early. I’m not sure if I’m awake or asleep.

I might as well get up. Into the bathroom. Wash my face. Apply my warpaint. I need it lately, to feel strong. Eyebrow pencil (frame those eyes — they are the windows to the soul). Under-eye concealer (banish those dark circles!). Blush (one must look healthy). Eyeshadow — gold (girls just wanna have fun). Mascara (pop).

Into the kitchen. That part about leaving for work early was true. I should be helpful, get my daughter’s lunch made, walk the dog.

The clock on the microwave jeers at me. It’s only 4:30.

There is a constant narrator in my head. The second something happens I am already telling the story of it. This is the time I put on all my makeup at 4:30am.

Photo by Nikpon Tran

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