A reminder that expressing yourself authentically is worth the risk

17554180_1865132833755395_2071669592194672514_nThank you to the spoken word poet Sarah Kay for your presence at Creative Mornings NYC this morning, where you captivated my attention. For someone to captivate me these days is really quite a feat, with Twitter just a click away and my busy mind and so many other distractions. Witnessing your truth flowing through was an electric experience. You viscerally compelled me to remember the importance of saying what I mean with the full power of my being; you reminded me, too, of the beauty of doing so, and the shame in concealing such beauty.

Sometimes people shock their way into our lives to remind us of something we know but need to be reminded of. Pay attention to these signs, I am learning.

In the title of this post I mention risk. Because of course there is risk, in revealing our true selves. In refusing to hide. But what we must admit is that there is risk, too, in the alternative. There is always risk. Might as well choose the path that leads to beauty, truth, and an electricity that’s like magic.

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