Dear Pepsi: Hard pass, thanks.

Dear Pepsi,

What kills me is how much money you must have spent on this, all in an effort to appear “woke,” all in an effort to sell us sugary crap that’s bad for us.

If you actually gave a shit, how about spending even a nickel of that budget on creating actual social change?

To be fair, you’re hardly the first corporation why tried to create a halo effect of social consciousness as a ploy to make a buck. HARDLY the first. You’re just being punished because this time, the smoke and mirrors didn’t work. There was an artlessness, a tone-deafness. I cringe at all the shit like this that happens every day that we DON’T call out for being the offensive nonsense that it is.

Meanwhile, the best reaction I’ve seen is this one:


I’m with her. I skip ads and am teaching my daughter to do the same. You know what persuades me to support a company? The quality of their product. So if you want my dollars, you might want to start selling something other than sugar and chemicals in a can. You might want to start actually doing good in the world, instead of just creating the illusion of same.


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