Fellow white ladies: Please do more than eat sheet cake


I love Tina Fey. And in some ways I love what she did on Thursday’s Weekend Update summer edition. She tapped into a gut level of desperation that so many of us are feeling (and attempting to eat/drink/binge our way out of). And she called Trump and the Nazis funny names. And it felt good to watch. Except.

She had a platform. And while I appreciate the advice to stay away from Nazi rallies in order to avoid stirring up violence, the advice shouldn’t have stopped there. She should have also said, “Eat your cake, don’t poke the Nazis, but stage a counter-rally a safe distance away. Send money to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Do whatever you can with whatever privilege and resources you have at your disposal to stop. the fucking. Nazis. And impeach. Donald. Trump.”

In case you missed the segment I’m talking about, here it is.

I don’t say what I’m saying here from up on a high horse. I’ve been guilty too of trying to escape from what’s going on, to tune it out and drink more and hope it goes away. But Charlottesville snapped me out of that, made me realize it was morally unacceptable. As I said the other day, we all need to lead, now. We need to fully confront our privilege. I’m trying. I’m trying to do one thing every single day. I’m donating to SPLC. I’m reading Nice White Ladies. I’m writing posts like this one. I’m educating myself more, and I’m trying to share persuasive posts on Twitter, which is my largest platform — although I know that tweeting alone is insufficient. Whether you’re president or someone trying to stop the president.

Thank you for the release, Tina, that came from watching your segment. We saw ourselves in it. We laughed. We felt triumphant as you slammed the ones who terrify and affront us. But please do more. You have more than the 3k Twitter followers I have. White people are writing articles about sheetcake recipes. And black people are asking us to do more — for example, here and here.

Please do more.

(Here’s one place to start: The Southern Poverty Law Center’s 10 Ways to Fight Hate)

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