How do you integrate motherhood into the rest of your identity? Feeling My Way: Finding Motherhood Without Losing Myself (by yours truly) offers an unflinchingly honest, heartfelt and funny answer to that question, beginning during my pregnancy and continuing through the first year of my daughter’s life.

Listen to me read an excerpt from the book (MP3).

What People Are Saying

From first pages I felt strongly connected with the author. I am a new mom who wants to find a balance between my self-expression, my work and family life. Unfortunately I felt so much anxiety about finding it in the first three months of motherhood that I have forgot enjoying it! I hope that this…will give some moms proof that there is a personal life after having a baby!”

– Natalia, new mom (on

A MUST read personal journey to motherhood.

– Mary Trunk, filmmaker, Lost in Living

“In Feeling My Way, Amanda Hirsch captures some the raw fears associated with becoming a mother — not the typical ones about what to do with a baby that you often read about in mommy blogs and books, but the more difficult emotions about losing identity and the prospect of having a pretty awesome life get totally screwed up. It’s a refreshing take on a much-documented topic.”

– Karen Dahl, educator, blogger and mother

“For all the talk about ‘having it all’ these days, Feeling My Way, provides an honest realization that every mom has their own definition of what that means — and that’s OK! While nobody can provide you with the script for motherhood, Hirsch offers a perfect combination of honest, heartfelt wisdom, topped off with just the right amount of humor to reassure you you’re not alone as you feel your way out during that rewarding yet equally unpredictable period as new mom.”

– Kari Saratovsky, author, mother and principal of KDS Strategies 

In a world that seems to want either to force you to ignore your mom-ness in order to excel in your work, or to drown yourself in mom-ness to excel in your home, Amanda makes it clear you need do neither.”

– Katie (on

I just finished reading your book and I wanted to thank you for it. A friend recommended it…In any case, there were so many similarities to my life. Perhaps it’s because you’re from NYC (I’m in Astoria). Perhaps because our daughters are about a month apart (PJ was born on June 11th) and perhaps it is because you live your life by the improv motto ‘Yes, and…’ (my husband has been performing for more than 10 years at various theaters in NY).

I just started a new job today and on my long commute, I had the time to read. I finished the book and had tears in my eyes. So much of what you wrote about are feelings that I have had in the past year as well.  So thank you!”

– Sue