Alan Alda’s storytelling advice

Alan asks PopTech co-host Carly Chaikin to carry the empty glass across the stage and put it on the other table. She does, easily.

Then he takes the pitcher and fills the glass up to the very top. "Now," he says. "I want you to carry that glass back to the other table — and if a single drop of water spills, your entire village will die."

Releasing the noise of work

I've spent the last few hours wandering around my neighborhood without an agenda, fueled only by a desire to fill my brain with something other than the noise of my last few weeks at work.  

When I say "noise," I mean it literally and figuratively: I work somewhere with an "open work plan," so I am surrounded by people talking all. day. long. More than this, though, I mean the noise of our business strategies and brand stories, and of the narratives I construct around my standing with every single person on the team at any given point in time. I mean, too, the noise of the language I find myself using to fit into the culture, that I would never use elsewhere, except that sometimes I do, before I can stop myself. 

Starting a new job at age 40 for the first time since I was 30

I started a new job this week. It's the first time I've started a new job in a decade. A DECADE. Think about how much you change from age 0 to age 10, from age 10 to age 20... Well, I started my last job the year I turned 30, and this is the year I turned 40, and here I am.

Are all 10-year intervals created equal? Is 30-to-40 the same distance as the distance between 5 and 15? 60 and 70?