Get some rest

I recently met up with a friend who is burned out from a demanding job, and worried that she's bringing the stress home to her family. "How long have you been feeling this way?," I asked. "Probably since January," she said. Oh, the month the asshat was inaugurated president? "I'm not sure that timing is … Continue reading Get some rest

Releasing the noise of work

I've spent the last few hours wandering around my neighborhood without an agenda, fueled only by a desire to fill my brain with something other than the noise of my last few weeks at work.  

When I say "noise," I mean it literally and figuratively: I work somewhere with an "open work plan," so I am surrounded by people talking all. day. long. More than this, though, I mean the noise of our business strategies and brand stories, and of the narratives I construct around my standing with every single person on the team at any given point in time. I mean, too, the noise of the language I find myself using to fit into the culture, that I would never use elsewhere, except that sometimes I do, before I can stop myself. 

My Bad-Ass Diet, or Why Dieting Isn’t Lame

You guys, I'm on a diet. Yes: I, a fierce feminist who deplores obsession with thinness and all things superficial -- who wants to make sure her daughter knows that the stick-thin image of female beauty perpetuated by commercial media is bullshit (see image above) -- began the year by signing up for Weight Watchers. And... it's awesome. I want to talk about why I'm doing it... and why the "I'm too cool to diet" stance is really a bunch of hooey, and doesn't prove you're a feminist or a renegade or anything other than someone trying to prove something, rather than someone making choices to improve your health and wellbeing.