Dismantling the GOP that made Trump possible

What no one has put forth (that I've seen, and PLEASE, tell me I'm wrong), and what to me is central to all of this, is how to dismantle the GOP machinery that cynically, methodically, and with billions of dollars of support, brought us to the place. Brilliant, creative fellow citizens: What can we do to defeat this cancer?

At the end of day 1


It is the end of Day 1 of processing the news that T (I cannot write his name) will be our next president, and I am on the subway ride home from work. I look at the other people on the train, calculating that most of us are scum as far as T is concerned: Women who don't look like Barbie dolls, people of color, immigrants, likely a number of people who aren't straight. I feel, increasingly, like I've been living in a fantasy land, thinking I have power in this world...