The Future of Independent Film on PBS

I hope PBS's Independent Film Listening Tour can spark constructive conversation. And I hope that local and national PBS executives emerge from these conversations and others like it with heightened awareness that (a) being associated with indie films and documentaries is good from a brand standpoint and good for reaching new audiences, and that (b) showcasing diverse and independent voices is essential to the mission of public media...and doing so may require new ways of doing business.

My Bad-Ass Diet, or Why Dieting Isn’t Lame

You guys, I'm on a diet. Yes: I, a fierce feminist who deplores obsession with thinness and all things superficial -- who wants to make sure her daughter knows that the stick-thin image of female beauty perpetuated by commercial media is bullshit (see image above) -- began the year by signing up for Weight Watchers. And... it's awesome. I want to talk about why I'm doing it... and why the "I'm too cool to diet" stance is really a bunch of hooey, and doesn't prove you're a feminist or a renegade or anything other than someone trying to prove something, rather than someone making choices to improve your health and wellbeing.