(Daily) Beauty

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Day 1: Belly & body image

Day 2: We are scrolling through Netflix when we see a thumbnail of a man with a giant paper mache head. 

Day 3:  When schedules and burdens fade

Day 4: I wanna quit

Day 5: My daughter is standing in my closet with a laundry basket over her head

Day 6: I skipped a day. Demerit!!!

Day 7: Toys

Day 7, part 2 (making up for skipping Day 6): Wine, dog, late afternoon light

Day 8: Breaking bread

Day 9: The evening flows, from plate to plate, story to story

Day 10 & 11: Skipped

Day 12: He is holding me as I type this. He is two rooms away.

Day 13: Art that makes me feel big, when I am feeling small


Day 15: When you don’t wear makeup or get dressed up at all and the job interview goes amazingly well

Day 16:  Learning to love a new dog

Day 17: Women who are creators and bosses

Day 18:  My beautiful mermaid

Day 19: Husband + daughter bond

Day 20: The silence of the woods

Day 21: Stars and the foolishness of city life

Day 22: I decided I had become way too cynical…

Day 23: Floating

Day 24: In Brooklyn / having two homes

Day 25: The beauty of travel and the art of living

Day 26: Missing him

Day 27: RX: Kindness

Day 28: I started the day meditating

Day 29: Raw

Day 30: Fortitude

Day 31: She Sees Me Writing

Day 32: A Walk Through Petworth

Day 33: Clutter/Treasure

Day 34: Super Dad

Day 35: Trio

Day 36: The cool peacefulness

Day 37: Maybe I can