We are obsessed with living authentically.

We care about fulfillment, not success.

We want our lives to be beautiful.

We want to contribute more beauty to the world.

We’re artists, writers, freelancers, Airbnb-stayers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, yogis, life coaches. We’ve left 9-to-5 jobs. We’ve launched and relaunched ourselves. We take risks. We make choices that other people call brave, but to us, veering from the traditional 9-to-5 life isn’t about courage, it’s about survival.

The air in an office building is just so thin.

We aren’t interested in “having it all” — a pie chart with life over here, and work over there, and family and love and health and hobbies all apportioned just so.

No, we are fiercely devoted to having it alt — to having lives of our own design, aligned with our own values, channeling our own love.

We aren’t compartments to be managed, we’re whole human beings who want to light up the world. Because, as Howard Thurman once said, “What the world needs is people who have come alive” (read more favorite quotes).

Let’s come alive.

Amanda, your devoted chief blogger

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