The room is dark. The ceiling is covered with stars. My baby is stripped down to her diaper, and she is delighted. We're lying on my bed, amidst the soft white sheets and the pillowy duvet, and an album by Jerry Garcia and Dave Grisman is playing. The stars are coming from a laser star … Continue reading Universe


I am walking home from daycare with my daughter and I am wondering, "What's that feeling?" "... that intense pounding, that rush, that I'm feeling in my chest, in my bloodstream?" "Oh," I realize. "That's love." It is so intense, this feeling, that sometimes I can't contain it. Sometimes I think it will rush out of me like teenagers at a party when the police show up -- and it can feel just as awkward as this, as gangly and pimply and dumb and joyous, high on wine coolers and being felt up, as out of control, as unprepared, as fresh and urgent and important and confusing and intense.


People have been asking me to start blogging again, and I'm flattered... but what do you blog about after giving birth? The way my skin stretched in ways I thought it never could, and out she came? (Sorry if that grosses you out.) The way my heart has stretched in ways I never thought it could? Doing flip-flops and bungee jumps, stretching wide... wider...

I Never: Pregnancy Edition

"I Never," as you may know, is a game that high school and college students play, daring each other to share their sexual exploits. "I never made out with another girl," a coquettish undergrad might say seductively, and then all the girls who've had token lesbian experiences take a shot of whatever's on tap: Malibu Rum, say, or Peach Schnapps. Maybe a wine cooler. Well, today, I'm introducing a new kind of "I Never" -- the pregnancy edition. Prepare your glasses of Chardonnay.

Things I Will Not Be Naming My Baby Daughter

1. Blue Ivy* 2. Apple** 3. Mitt Romney 4. Kunta Kinte 5. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop6. She-Ra7. Siri8. Suri9. Slurry10. Boobs McGillicutty*** Stay tuned for the next installment: Things I Might Be Naming My Baby Daughter (just kidding, mom). *See also: Red Ivy, Orange Ivy, Yellow Ivy, Green Ivy, Indigo Ivy **See also: Orange, Banana, Grape, … Continue reading Things I Will Not Be Naming My Baby Daughter