What’s knocking at the door of your life?

Last night I had a dream that someone or something was knocking, and it represented getting a step closer to becoming a full-time artist, and in my dream, I said to myself, "This is a perfect metaphor for what I'm going through — I should blog about it tomorrow." (Yes, I am apparently scouting for … Continue reading What’s knocking at the door of your life?


From the beginning of this escapade -- the "escapade" being me getting pregnant and having Alison! -- I have been obsessed with finding balance. With not letting parenthood dominate my identity. With making sure I still have room in my life for making art. And what's happening is that I'm realizing, who I am is not a choice. It really isn't. My need to make art is so strong, I could never ignore it -- or I could ignore it at my peril (translation: I get pissy and depressive). Similarly, when I don't get quality time with Jordan, I get -- well, pissy and depressive. One good date night with him and I light up like a million Christmas trees. And now my need to be with Ali is just as strong. I had nothing to do with that. I just fell in love.