Meet My Friends: Ted Hearne

I met Ted because my daughter wouldn't stop talking about his son. They went to daycare together at the time (before Ted left us for Los Angeles!!), and she would come home talking about him every day, to the point where I realized, "We need to have this kid over." Ted and his awesome wife Janina came, too, and we ate bagels and drank bloody marys and talked about living meaningful lives and it was, as Ted would later put it, "A great hang." Fast-forward to a month ago when I got to see an amazing work of art that Ted composed as part of BAM's Next Wave festival (which I wrote about the other day). It made me curious to know more about his creative process, how he managed to make a living as a composer and how he balanced art-making with fatherhood. Read on for his characteristically thoughtful answers -- and do yourself a favor and check out his work at


Where Daily News Coverage Fails, Art Steps In

How much can any one person truly process about our complex and often disturbing world? And how much should we process, if we want to be, on the one hand, engaged citizens, and on the other hand — sane? I found myself wrestling with these questions recently after seeing two works of art back-to-back that explored, on the surface, news stories in recent years about Edward Snowden and Wikileaks; go a little deeper, though, and both pieces are actually about individual responsibility in this global village of ours.