Meet My Friends: Colleen Newvine

Colleen and I met on Twitter -- as one does. The first time we met for coffee, we ended up having the kind of conversation you usually have with an old friend. Soon after, the husbands met. Sandwiches were eaten, cocktails were imbibed. As the questions below reveal, I admire the heck out of Colleen. She is an extraordinary curator of creative living, a merry hostess and a thoughtful friend. Most of all, Colleen makes sh*t happen for herself. She is inspiring... and she makes one hell of a spaghetti sauce. Read Colleen's blog, check out her marketing company and follow her on Twitter at @cnewvine.

Zigging my Zag: An Ode to Spring

There is a pleasant buzz about, and I think it's called spring. I think it's called rebirth and fresh hope and sunshine. Serendipitous moments just kicking around our neighborhood in Brooklyn, which is full of fresh energy and life, people pushing strollers and showing some leg, windows flung open and side streets with their green canopies begging for exploration...