Talking with Betsy Stover About Being Mentored by Amy Poehler, Improvising Marriage and Home Ec

I met Betsy when she was eight months pregnant and teaching an improv class I was taking at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC...


The Secret Message of the Feminist Housewife

With a picture of a hipster in an apron with a kid peering out from behind her back, the latest cover of New York Magazine declares the latest archetype in the media dialogue about having it all: The Feminist Housewife (the actual article is called "The Retro Wife"). "Lost in the argument about 'leaning in,'" the cover tells us, "is the new breed of modern women who are purposefully leaning out.'" But what if they're leaning out not because of the pull of motherhood (or not only because of this), but because, to put a fine point on it, work sucks?