Rest in Peace, Trish Creekmore

This morning on Facebook I learned that my friend Trish Creekmore (pictured above) lost her long, fierce battle with cancer, leaving behind a devoted husband and two school-aged girls. What a trail she blazed for them, dancing fiercely as she did with her ugly disease, managing to spin life still into something full and beautiful.

You Would See, The Biggest Gift Would Be From Me, And The Card Attached Would Say…

I found myself lapping up Greg and Christina's sunshine, and within a day or two of their arrival (they stayed for five days, and I never got sick of them, if that gives you a sense of how much I like these people), I starting aping their style. And goddamn if it didn't feel great.

Finding Your Flow

This year I let go of my expectations for a friendship that's played a big role in my life for a looong time. This letting go of expectations is something I'd like to be able to apply to other areas of my life. It's a tall order, because my expectations are epic - both for myself and others.