Don’t beat yourself up

When we experience pain, we make it worse with the stories we tell ourselves about that pain. Those stories are the source of suffering. This is my biggest takeaway so far from the wonderful Here and Now program I'm doing through the Academy of Intuition. (Which I highly recommend.) Pain is inevitable. It's part of … Continue reading Don’t beat yourself up

The Problem with Dreaming

In my last post, I wrote about growing up with a fear of having a mid-life crisis. This fear, and repeated viewings of Dead Poet's Society ("Carpe Diem!"), instilled in me a stubborn insistence on leading an examined, purposeful life. I could die any day - any moment - and so what I did with my time mattered very much. I would take nothing for granted. I would infuse my life with meaning - align my work and life with my values, pursue my dreams, and (as Henry David Thoreau entreatied) "live the life I imagined." Huzzah! There's just one problem: This approach to life, however zestful, is fundamentally based on fear... of emptiness. And life can't run on fear, just like a car can't run on fumes...